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Ep. 9: "Arriving in Paldea!"

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Makio & JRoses

#Ranked Battle

1 June 2023

New Regulation D for Pokemon Ranked Battle: What You Need to Know

List of Permitted and Banned Pokémon, Ranked Battles will have new protagonists

Makio & JRoses


30 May 2023

Pokémon transferable in SV via Pokémon HOME

List of Pokémon that you can finally transfer to Scarlet and Violet from May 30th

Makio & JRoses


26 May 2023

Pokémon HOME Connectivity for Scarlet and Violet will be finally available from May 30th!

You’ll receive Gen 9 starters with their Hidden Abilities as Mystery Gifts

Makio & JRoses


25 May 2023

Obsidian Flames TCG Set officially revealed: out August 11th

Third English Scarlet & Violet Set has been officially revealed!

#Pokémon SV

25 May 2023

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet v1.3.1 is now available

There are no big updates but only a few bug fixes

Makio & JRoses



21 May 2023

Pokémon UNITE datamine: Blaziken will arrive

Makio & JRoses


20 May 2023

Pokémon Horizons: The Series - Ep. 7 Summary

Makio & JRoses

#Pokémon GO

20 May 2023

Fennekin Community Day: Catch the Fire-type Fox Pokémon on May 21

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