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Latest Articles

Makio & JRoses



Pokémon HOME maintenance announced

The app will be updated to version 3.1.2 on December 4th


Makio & JRoses


30 November 2023

'Shiny Treasure ex' TCG Full Set revealed

Check out all cards from the latest Japanese TCG Set

Makio & JRoses


29 November 2023

All legendary static encounters for DLC Part 2 has been datamined


27 November 2023

Upcoming English TCG Set announced: Temporal Forces

New SV5 English Set will be released on March 22nd

Makio & JRoses


27 November 2023

Pokémon Horizons - Ep. 30 Summary

Makio & JRoses

Meccha Japan


20 November 2023

GIVEAWAY: win a Maushold plushie!

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Main Sections


Full Pokedex with all information: locations, moves, stats, artworks and more

Team Builder - Updated for DLC Part 1

Create your team: select moves, ability, IVs, Evs and calculate all weaknesses

Pokédex Tracker

Keep track of your Pokémon, including their forms and shinies

Pokémon Lists

Organize your Pokémon collection: create and share customized lists

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Tera Raid Simulator

Simulate Tera Raida and find suggested Pokémon to easily win every battle

Terastal Calculator

Simulate Terastal new damage boost and weakness against all typing!

Tera Raid Events

Keep track of Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid events with all information

Mystery Gifts

Keep track of Scarlet & Violet serial codes: don't miss items or Pokemon gifts

Sandwich Recipes

Scarlet & Violet recipes database: find the perfect sandwich ingredients

DLC: The Hidden Treasure of the Area Zero

Discover everything about the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC

Victory Road

Check all Gym Leader teams and their weaknesses, win easily every battle

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Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep - Recipes

Search the perfect recipe for Snorlax: insert your ingredients and find what dish you can prepare and see all recipes in Pokémon Sleep

Sleepdex - Sleep Style Pokédex

Full Pokémon Sleep Pokédex with all Sleep Styles for every Pokémon in game: read all descriptions and learn how they sleep!

Pokémon Sleep - Best Teams for each Island

A quick review on the best Pokémon to add in your Team to maximize farming for your friend Snorlax!

Pokémon Sleep - Berries

List of all berries in Pokémon Sleep mobile app

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Database, Tools & Game Mechanics


Full Pokedex with all information: locations, moves, stats, artworks and more


Moves database: search and filter by name, type or category and see what Pokémon can learn them


Abilities database: search and filter abilities by name and see what Pokémon can have them

Defense / Attack Type Calculator

Type Coverage and Weakness Calculator: enter any type combination to see weaknesses/effectiveness



You can find everything you need to know about the Pokémon animated series, including episodes, characters and more.

TCG Set Database

Explore Pokémon Trading Card Game Sets! You'll find all the cards and artwork from both the Japanese and English international sets

TCG Lore Descriptions

One of the most important part of this reality are Pokémon Cards. Have you ever stopped to read every single tidbit at the bottom of them?

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