2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info

All the news for our February in Pokémon Masters!


28 January 2023



The monthly dev letter for Pokémon Masters has arrived! Let's discover together what this month has in store for the popular gacha... The following article will be by no means exhaustive, but I will cover the individual events as they happen. This is just an overview, so stay tuned for more!

Pretty boys in the Lodge!

2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters

On the first day of February, players will be able to invite Morty to the lodge! That's if you own the Morty&Drifblim 5* sync pair (which you probably do, since he's a very old unit that comes very easily when rolling from the Johto Ticket Scout or just General Pool drops). Bringing up affection to 100 with this pair will let you obtain a new version of Morty (with Gastly), which brings the total of Morty sync pairs to... 5? What a popular boy!

Speaking of popular boys... on the same day, the Monthly Pokéfair Scout with N&Zekrom as spotlight will be available. If you don't have him yet, now's your occasion to add him to your lodge as well!

2023's Palentine's Event

2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters

This year, we get Mallow&Appletun, and Elesa&Togetic! And yes, it's called Palentine's day in Pasio because... Pals, am I rite? So, basically, we get a friendzone event every year...

Mallow will be a dragon-type support, capable of lots of healing, buffing the team's defense and debuffing the opponents' special defense. A pretty good unit to have, all around.

Elesa, on the other hand, is a flying-type striker that mainly relies on the randomness of Metronome to deal damage, and interesting passives for enhancing the Physical or Special attack damage of her next move whenever Togetic uses a Status Move. In my opinion it's a less desirable unit, but really fun. Never forget, the best way to play is always to roll for your favorites anyway.

The event will start on January 31, with Mallow immediately available and Elesa coming on February 2, so have those gems ready. On February 6, instead, a rerun of last year's Palentine's event is scheduled, featuring last year's sync pairs, Marnie&Mawile and Bea&Vanilluxe. Marnie, with her Steel Zone, is particularly good, so she could be another good objective for this month. These two units, together with Serena&Whimsicott and Dawn&Alcremie, will be available on the same day the event gets rerun.

Kalos Villain Event Part 2

2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters

On the 6th of February, for the first time, we will be able to challenge the Kalos Elite Four and Champion in Champion Stadium! It doesn't seem like it will be as hard as Hoenn and Sinnoh, thankfully (or sadly, depending from the perspective).

Starting from February 13, we will get the second half of Kalos's Villain Event. It will feature... pretty unexpected units! Apart from a Sygna Suit version of Lysandre (with Volcanion), with a pretty slick outfit, we will also be able to roll for Anabel&Snorlax, and Emma&Crobat!

These units will be available respectively on February 13, 15 and 17. In my modest opinion, and judging from the information available, Emma seems to be the strongest of the three. All of them are Pokéfairs.

During this event, we will also be able to power up our free Sycamore&Xerneas sync pair, which also just obtained 6EX. Don't miss this, especially if you just started playing recently! Sycamore is a great support with his Geomancy sync and was very solid already, but now he gets some extra stuff with this sync grid expansion. Keep an eye on it.

The Galar Champion is back...?

2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters

After TWO YEARS, finally, the first-ever Master Pair we ever got gets a rerun! And, with it, also a very welcome upgrade: G-Max moves! Leon&Charizard will be available on February 18. Two days later, fellow Galarian Marnie&Morpeko will also be rerun, together with their respective launch events.

Meow, meow, meow!

...yup, that's the name of the event that will be available starting from February 22, which will make Galarian and Alolan Meowths available to hatch from eggs! Also, the useful, free Giovanni&Persian sync pair will be available again.

Pokémon Masters Day

2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters

As usual, the 25th of each month is Pokémon Masters Day! Lots of free gems and items, the chance to grab some of the previously released 5* accessories, and three updated grids: Maylene, Roark, and Shauntal, plus Viola's 6ex unlock! Elesa&Zebstrika also gains a grid expansion.

More Events

Battle Villa is scheduled for February 9, together with the Tapu Bulu Legendary Arena rerun. On February 24, instead, it will be Tornadus's turn. Every LA lets you gain 1000 gems, while Villa will earn you 2000!

Last but not least, on February 27, we will get two special Champion Spotlight Banners: one featuring Diantha&Gardevoir, Alder&Volcarona, Steven&Metagross; the other with Champion Iris&Hydreigon, Cynthia&Garchomp, Lance&Dragonite. For the occasion, Alder will gain a grid expansion. A Champion Select Ticket will also be gifted to the players, allowing them to choose a unit for free.

Future Updates and Road to 3.5 Anniversary

Leon's upgrade is part of the road to 3.5, but we're also getting bonus gems, rallys and bingo. Keep your eyes peeled for many chances to obtain gems!

We will be able to decorate the Trainer Lodge with items and posters, too!

2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters

The Pokémon Center will also get renovated, with a useful display showing further info about current events.

2.29.0 version Dev Letter + more info #PokémonMasters

The maximum number of teams you will be able to memorize in the Edit Team Menu will grow from the current 30 to a whopping 100! Super useful for the Legendary Gauntlet challengers.

And that's it for this month! Stay tuned for future updates, details about events, and most of all... let's remember Pokémon Day is very close!

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