New details about Pokémon Sleep!

Let's have a look at the new Pokémon Sleep!

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7 July 2023



Some people had the chance to play a preview of Pokèmon Sleep, let's have a look at It!

The main goal of the game is to record and collect all Sleep Styles in the Sleep Style Dex and enhance your Snorlax; this happens, of course, by monitoring your sleep.

Sleep tracking and ranking

To track your sleep, simply place your device near your bed, set an alarm clock, and at night the software will record all your movements and noises, so as to analyze your sleep style.

You can also use your Pokémon Go + device to track your sleep; remember that your data isn’t shared outside of your account.

The app gives you a detailed analysis of your sleep and lets you listen to audio clips of your snoring and sleep talking.

It also rates your sleep quality out of 95 and tells you what kind of sleep you had, from Dozing to Snoozing to Slumbering.

The app uses your Snorlax’s strength and your ‘Drowsy Power’ to attract other sleeping Pokémon to join your Snorlax. 

New details about Pokémon Sleep! #Sleep #GNews

Snorlax’s strength

To boost your Snorlax, you can cook three meals a day or give it berries picked by Pokemon sleeping next to it. They can also find ingredient and items based on their nature!

At the end of each week, your Snorlax will be replaced by a new Snorlax, so you can start the process over and get new Sleep Styles. Every Snorlax has its own tastes, so be careful with the meals!

There are also some monetisation aspects such as a Premium Pass or some items you can buy with a paid currency.

New details about Pokémon Sleep! #Sleep #GNews

Pokemon Go connection

If you link Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Go, you can enjoy some benefits in both apps. For example, Pokémon Go will let you find a Snorlax wearing a nightcap, which is very cute. But that’s not all. You can also earn stardust in Pokémon Go by sleeping well in Pokémon Sleep.

In addition, playing Pokémon Go regularly will give you rewards in Pokémon Sleep, such as treats you can feed the Pokémon that show up to make them friendlier!

New details about Pokémon Sleep! #Sleep #GNews

What do you think about it? Do you think this game will make it easier to put your children to bed?

Credits: Serebii, Gaming Bible, Pocket Tactics


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