Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Rumors Resurface Causing a Stir

Rise and shine! It seems like the Nintendo Switch 2 rumors are back on the menu


5 March 2023



It's that time of the year again!

The rumors have resurfaced and the never ending restless conversation about a Nintendo Switch successor has begun once again. The current atmosphere has taken a swift change after many Anonymous claiming to have information surfaced on the internet as of late giving light to the fervent everlasting topic that is Nintendo’s future.

This is all rooted from the surfacing of a legitimate leak multiple days before the February 2023 Pokemon Presents. An anonymous user on 4chan claiming to be an outsourced programmer for Pokémon posted on the Pokémon board /vp/ a well detailed list of information that would be revealed at the upcoming Pokémon Presents.

All of the information listed on that post did in fact come out to be proven true as legit information. The part that has gotten the internet to lose its mind was an interesting line of text talking about the supposed preparation of a graphical enhancement patch for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the upcoming new Nintendo Switch console hardware being released with DLC part 2.

Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Rumors Resurface Causing a Stir #Nintendo Switch Pro #Rumors #Leaks #NextGen #Nintendo #Switch  #Switch 2 #4chan  #GNews

Usually fake leaks populate on this 4chan board as a means for jokes to inflict meta-irony and misinformation however there have been many examples of actual genuine information being leaked through the anonymity of the website. Case and point, The Pokemon Let's Go games being leaked with images and accurate info but was shrugged off as a meme. There are indeed times this website can deliver legitimate content.

The same poster did resurface after being vindicated by the Pokémon Presents had aired. He went on to then prove himself with an MD5 hash that he was indeed the prior leaker and made clarifications on exactly what he meant as you can see below.

Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Rumors Resurface Causing a Stir #Nintendo Switch Pro #Rumors #Leaks #NextGen #Nintendo #Switch  #Switch 2 #4chan  #GNews

Chinese Nintendo Hardware Leaker Banned?

On another note there has been another Switch rumor factory incident that recently happened.

This is related to the recent activity of a request pulling down posted content and Banning of a specific user on FamiBoards known for factory leaks regarding Nintendo Switch hardware and special editions. This user has a pretty interesting history as they have given information on many things such as the Splatoon OLED special editions as well as talking about preparations for new switch hardware. The post below from Resetera goes over the specifics.

Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Rumors Resurface Causing a Stir #Nintendo Switch Pro #Rumors #Leaks #NextGen #Nintendo #Switch  #Switch 2 #4chan  #GNews

Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Rumors Resurface Causing a Stir #Nintendo Switch Pro #Rumors #Leaks #NextGen #Nintendo #Switch  #Switch 2 #4chan  #GNews

This is notable as it seems like Nintendo is taking steps to tighten up the strings on information and making preemptive moves to halt the spread of leaks and information regarding their Hardware and software in production. This caused a stir on social media since Nintendo made a move that could mean production information may leak about Nintendo’s future hardware.

It seems like things will start getting interesting here in the next few months and things are starting to finally heat up.

Until then we will keep you posted on this and all the other cool info here at



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