Noibat Community Day

In February don't miss the chance to catch a Shiny Noibat!


4 February 2023



Pokémon GO's monthly Community Day will feature Noibat this February 5, from 2:00 to 5:00 P.M. local time(14:00-17:00).

Noibat   pokemon


Noivern   pokemon


Noibat can evolve into Noivern, a Dragon and Flying type Pokémon from Kalos, for 400 candy. Upon evolution, Noivern will learn the exclusive move Boomburst, a Normal type move with 150 base power in PvP and 140 in raids. This move will only be available for the hours of the event and five hours afterwards(10:00 or 22:00), so be sure to evolve it while you still can!Noibat Community Day #Pokémon GO #CommunityDay #Noibat


Pokémon GO CommunityDay Noibat


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