Where to obtain the different forms of Vivillon in Pokémon GO?

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8 February 2023



Vivillon is a dual-type Bug/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation VI

It evolves from Spewpa. It is the final form of Scatterbug

Scatterbug   pokemon


Spewpa   pokemon


Vivillon   pokemon


In Generations VI and VII, Vivillon's wing pattern depends on the real-world geographic location set on the game the Pokémon was generated in

Similarly even in GO, they depend on the geographic location but is different from the main series game . The in game map is based on the main series which isn't very accurate

It has 20 different forms of which pokéball pattern was only obtainable through an event. Fancy pattern also used to be event locked, however it can be obatined in Gen IX also and is the only form obatianable there

Pokéball and Fancy patterns currently aren't available in GO and I assume Fancy will be available along with the connectivity to Scarlet and Violet

To obatin Scatterbug in GO

You need to pin postcards from the region where the specific Vivillon pattern is from

Where to obtain the different forms of Vivillon in Pokémon GO? #POKÉMON GO

Where to obtain the different forms of Vivillon in Pokémon GO? #POKÉMON GO

The first sub-medal requires collecting three Postcards from a region associated with the Vivillon patterns. After completing a sub-medal, the number of Postcards required to raise the sub-medal rank increases each rank

Here is video showing how Scatterbug is obtained

The map was originaly made by u/Amurfalcon, I edited it to included areas that were missing from the original map, however there are still some area left out even by this map like Palau*, Falkland Islands, Daito Islands (Japan) etc

*Southern Islands are included in the map

Discord server created by NeoTako#8288 for obtaining the different forms of Vivillon.

Alternative Forms

Icy Snow Vivillon  pokemon -icy-snow

Icy Snow Vivillon

Polar Vivillon  pokemon -polar

Polar Vivillon

Tundra Vivillon  pokemon -tundra

Tundra Vivillon

Continental Vivillon  pokemon -continental

Continental Vivillon

Garden Vivillon  pokemon -garden

Garden Vivillon

Elegant Vivillon  pokemon -elegant

Elegant Vivillon

Modern Vivillon  pokemon -modern

Modern Vivillon

Marine Vivillon  pokemon -marine

Marine Vivillon

Archipelago Vivillon  pokemon -archipelago

Archipelago Vivillon

High Plains Vivillon  pokemon -high-plains

High Plains Vivillon

Sandstorm Vivillon  pokemon -sandstorm

Sandstorm Vivillon

River Vivillon  pokemon -river

River Vivillon

Monsoon Vivillon  pokemon -monsoon

Monsoon Vivillon

Savanna Vivillon  pokemon -savanna

Savanna Vivillon

Sun Vivillon  pokemon -sun

Sun Vivillon

Ocean Vivillon  pokemon -ocean

Ocean Vivillon

Jungle Vivillon  pokemon -jungle

Jungle Vivillon

Fancy Vivillon  pokemon -fancy

Fancy Vivillon

Poké Ball Vivillon  pokemon -poke-ball

Poké Ball Vivillon




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