How to Evolve Primeape into Annihilape

Let's see how to evolve Primeape into Annihilape in Pokémon Scarlet and VIolet!

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26 January 2023



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One of the new entries of the Paldean Region is Annihilape, the evolution of Primeape!

The Pokédex says that when its anger rose beyond a critical point, this Pokémon gained power that is unfettered by the limits of its physical body. That's stunning!

Let's discover how to get it.

First of all get a Primeape, you can find it here:

Primeape locations

Tera and Fixed Locations by:

Or a Mankey:

Mankey locations

They are very common, so it'll not be difficult to get one of them.

There is only one way to evolve Primeape into Annihilape and it’s using 20 times the move Rage Fist; Primeape learns that move at level 35 . After that, level up your Pokémon or use a rare candy and you’ll evolve it into Annihilape, the Rage Monkey Pokémon !

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Enojoy your new friend and don't get caught up in anger!


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