Kecleon is finally in Pokémon GO

Where to find and how to catch the Chameleon Pokémon

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7 January 2023



Kecleon arrives on Pokemon Go! After the Chespin Community Day of the 01/07/2023 you can meet the Chameleon Pokémon during your walks around the city, an important milestone to complete Hoenn’s Pokedex, since many players were eagerly awaiting this moment.

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The creature hides randomly inside the Pokéstop and you can see its camouflaged silhouette in transparency. If you try to spin the Pokéstop you will receive a strange message that reads "There’s an invisible obstacle in your way. It’s Preventing you from collecting items...". To activate the encounter with Kecleon you will only need to touch the Pokémon positioned above the disc and he will come down, appearing then in the overworld, so you can capture it like all other Pokémons in the game.

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Have fun finding all the Kecleon of your city and let us know how many Chameleon have you found!


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