New Mezase Pokemon Master Titles and Summaries Revealed!

The titles/summaries for MPM episodes 6/7 were announced today via press release!


28 January 2023



MPM06 - And We're Looking at the Same Moon!

As their journey continues, Ash and the others get attacked by the Team Rocket while they're dozing off in the peaceful outdoors. They somehow manage to fight the Team Rocket off, but Pikachu ends up flying off into the sky alongside them! Now separated, Ash and Pikachu start searching for each other so they can get back together, but... No matter how separated they are, Ash and Pikachu will always be together in spirit. Will they manage to see each other again?!


New Mezase Pokemon Master Titles and Summaries Revealed! #Anime

February 24th: MPM07 - Riding on Lapras

Ash and Pikachu reunite with the Lapras they traveled with in the past. Lapras seems to want their help with something... And believe it or not, on the island Lapras guides them to, they find a Wailmer stuck in a cave it can't get out of! They try everything they can think of to get it loose! Will they succeed?!

New Mezase Pokemon Master Titles and Summaries Revealed! #Anime

Original press release

Translations were done by Adamant on SerebiiForums!




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