Pokémon Scarlet and Violet already outsell Sword and Shield in physical sales in Japan

The information focuses in this case on the sales of the game in Japan


13 January 2023



The truth is that they have remained at the top of the Japanese weekly sales chart practically since its premiere. Thanks to this, they have exceeded 4.6 million physical units sold in Japan, surpassing the Galar delivery. Sword and Shield took almost 3 years to reach 4 million physical sales, while Scarlet and Purple has surpassed them in just 8 weeks. And to all this we must mention that digital sales are not being accounted for in any case, but it is very likely that Scarlet and Purple sales are also higher considering the rise of digital business.

Under these lines you can see the list of best-selling physical video games in Japan during the last two weeks, a ranking practically led by Nintendo Switch games.

  • [NSW] Pokémon Scarlet Violet (The Pokemon Company. 11/18/22) – 291.322 (4.630.253)
  • [NSW] Splatoon 3 (Nintendo. 09/09/22) – 107.700 (3.795.514)
  • [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo. 04/28/17) – 68.772 (5.083.147)
  • [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo. 04/29/22) – 66.720 (954.442)
  • [NSW] Dragon Quest Treasures (Square Enix. 12/09/22) – 48.297 (246.700)
  • [PS5] GT7 (SIE. 03/04/22) – 38.892 (256.905)
  • [NSW] Minecraft (Microsoft. 06/21/18) – 37.443 (2.997.449)
  • [NSW] Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa. Heisei. Reiwa mo Teiban! (Konami. 11/19/20) – 34.770 (2.817.703)
  • [NSW] Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo. 10/29/21) – 30.341 (1.144.473)
  • [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo. 12/07/18) – 27.550 (5.092.741)


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