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5 March 2023

Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Rumors Resurface Causing a Stir

Rise and shine! It seems like the Nintendo Switch 2 rumors are back on the menu

#Nintendo Switch Pro

24 February 2023

Discovered unused house in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

A clue to the next DLC?

#Pokémon SV

16 February 2023

New Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game leaked?

Copyright found on the new Pokémon Together site might hint an announce during Pokémon Day


9 February 2023

All Pokémon sprites in gen.9 style!

Leaked sprites from Pokémon HOME for every Pokémon: yes MEGA, no GMAX


8 February 2023

Lapras, Goodra, Umbreon and Chandelure are coming in UNITE!

Leaked renders and movesets for next Pokémon coming into the game

#Pokémon UNITE

29 January 2023

Paradox Virizion & Suicune Japanese Name Breakdown

Lets breakdown the meaning of Paradox Suicune and Paradox Virizions Japanese names

#Pokémon SV

25 January 2023

Why can't digital translators translate Chinese Riddles?

Have you ever wondered why?


11 January 2023

Zacian joins the battle!

Zacian has been leaked to join Pokémon Unite!

#Pokémon Unite

1 January 2023

Old Gen.9 Leaks

This page is a backup created on September 25th 2022. This page will be frozen in time so we can come back to see old leaks and everything we knew before game release.


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