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21 May 2023

Pokémon UNITE datamine: Blaziken will arrive


10 May 2023

New playable Pokémon officially announced for Pokémon UNITE!

Umbreon available from May 25th; Leafeon available from June 8th; Inteleon coming soon

#Pokémon UNITE

27 February 2023

Zacian is coming to Aeos Island on Pokémon UNITE!

Pokémon UNITE updates on Pokémon Day with the arrival of Zacain as a playable Pokémon!

#Pokémon UNITE

8 February 2023

Lapras, Goodra, Umbreon and Chandelure are coming in UNITE!

Leaked renders and movesets for next Pokémon coming into the game


#Pokémon UNITE

2 February 2023

Comfey is now Available!

Pearl Enthusiast

#Pokémon Unite

11 January 2023

Zacian joins the battle!

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