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You'll find everything you need for Pokémon Sleep: Sleep Style Pokédex, dish recipes, items, ingredients berries etc...

Pokémon Sleep Guides

Sleepdex - Sleep Style Pokédex

Full Pokémon Sleep Pokédex with all Sleep Styles for every Pokémon in game: read all descriptions and learn how they sleep!

Pokémon Sleep - Items

List of all items in Pokémon Sleep mobile app

Pokémon Sleep - Berries

List of all berries in Pokémon Sleep mobile app

Pokémon Sleep - Ingredients

List of all ingredients in Pokémon Sleep mobile app

Pokémon Sleep - Recipes

Search the perfect recipe for Snorlax: insert your ingredients and find what dish you can prepare and see all recipes in Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep - Tips

Learn HOW TO SLEEP WELL (lmao) to catch more Pokémon and fill your Sleep Style Pokédex

Pokémon Sleep - Best Teams for each Island

A quick review on the best Pokémon to add in your Team to maximize farming for your friend Snorlax!

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