Pokémon Scarlet and Violed DLC:
The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC. This DLC will consist of two expansions that will take players to a new region, where they will encounter new Pokémon, characters, and stories.

Part 1: The Teal Mask

The first expansion, The Teal Mask, will be released by Fall 2023. In this expansion, you will join your classmates from the Paldea Academy on a school trip to Kitakami, a town at the base of a large mountain. It is a place of tranquil natural expanses, featuring rice paddies and apple orchards.

New Pokémon

Your trip coincide with the festival held every year in the city and you'll see a lot of street vendors and stall. You'll discover three new Pokémon: Okidogi, Fenzadipiti and Munkidori. They are beloved by the people of the village as heroes that protected the land of Kitakami in the past, and stone statues were made in their likeness to express the people’s gratitude toward these three Pokémon.

Okidogi   pokemon


Fezandipiti   pokemon


Munkidori   pokemon


There will be also a new legendary Pokémon, Ogerpon, which dons a fearsome mask.

Ogerpon   pokemon


Part 2: The Indigo Disk

The second expansion, The Indigo Disk, will be released by Winter 2023. In this expansion, you'll be an exchange student and you'll travel to the Blueberry Academy, a school that was established in recent years and that focuses on battling. Most of the school's building is located under the ocean.

New Pokémon

There will be also a new legendary Pokémon, Terapagos, which shines in its glittering aura.

In the first episode of the new Pokémon Anime, a new Pokémon has been discovered; this Pokémon has a small body and is not strong, but it seems to have the ability to protect itself in an emergency with a shield made by crystallizing the energy inside its body. Also, when it senses life-threatening danger, it seems that its head, limbs, and tail will retract into its body, giving it a jewel-like appearance, and it will enter a dormant state. Its glittering aura is somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Pokemon "Terapagos", but its detailed ecology and name are shrouded in mystery.

Terapagos   pokemon


Baby Terapagos   pokemon

Baby Terapagos

New Characters

pokemon scarlet violet character Carmine


pokemon scarlet violet character Kieran


Returning Pokémon in DLC

In the DLCs you wil be able to encounter over 230 familiar Pokémon that had not appeared in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.
Here you can see all the returning and Home Transfer Pokémon (based on datamined information)

See all Returning Pokémon

Special Contents

If you purchase now The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, you'll receive the New Uniform Set that you can immediatly use in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Plus, you'll get an Hisuian Zoroark that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. It knows the move Happy Hour, its Tera Type is Dark and It has the Charismatic Mark.You have to purchase the expansions by October 31 to receive the bonus code.

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