Picnic Area

You can have picnics almost anywhere when out exploring the region’s vast wildernesses. Picnics allow you to spend leisure time with your Pokémon, and you can change the designs of the tablecloth, cups, water bottles, and other picnic items to create an arrangement of your liking.

When you start a picnic, your party Pokémon, as well as the Legendary Pokémon accompanying you—either Koraidon or Miraidon—will come out and gather around.
You can choose your favorite filters and take photos during picnics or while you’re out exploring. Filters are a great way to add a trendy flair to your photos.

Decide What Kind of Sandwich You’ll Make!

You can make all kinds of sandwiches at a picnic. Before you begin making your sandwich, you’ll choose which fillings and condiments you want to use, as well as a sandwich pick that’ll help hold it all together! Once you’re ready, you’ll arrange the ingredients on your bread, stacking them carefully. If you don’t balance them properly, you might accidentally cause your ingredients to topple over or fall off the bread entirely. Arrange them skilfully, though, and you just might create a culinary masterpiece!

When your Pokémon eat sandwiches, not only will their HP be restored, but the meal may impart some effects that will come in handy on your adventures! Try making all sorts of sandwiches in all sorts of ways—mix ingredients to achieve unique flavors, try to create something visually striking, or simply use as many ingredients as possible and stack them as high as you can!

Become Great Friends with Lots of Pokémon!

During a picnic, your Pokémon will spend their time as they please. You can speak to your Pokémon one-on-one or use toys to play with them—spend time together and strengthen your bonds! When you have picnics with your Pokémon, you may also find a Pokémon Egg!

Give Your Pokémon a Good Scrub!

In these titles, having your Pokémon walk alongside you or battle can cause them to get grimy and dirty. By washing your Pokémon at a picnic, not only will they get clean, but their HP will be restored and their bond with you will become stronger.

Your Pokémon can get covered in mud from the roadsides, snow from snowstorms, and sand from sandstorms. In addition to weather phenomena or environmental factors like these, Pokémon may also get dirty from taking damage in battles. Scrub your Pokémon with a soapy sponge, give them a good rinse with water, and shower them with appreciation for their hard work.

Picnics Become Even Livelier When Playing with Friends!

You can also enjoy picnics with friends while playing together through the Union Circle. Simply approach another player’s picnic while you’re playing together with friends to have you and your Pokémon join.
You can take a group photo or make sandwiches together with up to three other friends, making a picnic an even livelier occasion—you may even find a Pokémon Egg while you and your friends’ Pokémon are playing together!