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Pokémon is a brand full of hidden Lore which is often lost in between Gadgets & Videogames, etc...
One of the most important part of this reality are Pokémon Cards. Have you ever stopped to read every single tidbit at the bottom of them? NO?!
Don't worry, we intend to catch 'em all for you! Gather round & enjoy a New Pokémon "World" like you've never seen before!


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Base Set

9 January 1999

Total cards: 102


16 June 1999

Total cards: 64


10 October 1999

Total cards: 62

Team Rocket

24 April 2000

Total cards: 83

Neo Genesis

16 December 2000

Total cards: 111

Neo Discovery

1 June 2001

Total cards: 75

Southern Islands

31 July 2001

Total cards: 18

Neo Revelation

21 September 2001

Total cards: 66

Neo Destiny

28 February 2002

Total cards: 113

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