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Hobbyist translator. Translates random Pokemon things.

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Poke Syrena

#gen 1

7 February 2023

How did Chinese speakers play Pokemon before Sun and Moon?

Poke Syrena


1 February 2023

Story of the Sun and Moon Chinese Leaks

Poke Syrena


27 January 2023

Top 50 most popular Paldean Pokémon according to Gamewith

Poke Syrena


25 January 2023

Why can't digital translators translate Chinese Riddles?

Poke Syrena


23 January 2023

Does Pokémon still make official Jynx merchandise?

Poke Syrena


14 January 2023

Most popular Galar Character Poll: the most unbelievable official poll ever?

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